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About Tactical Threadz

Tactical Threadz started by trying to make light of an already over encumbered society by taking existing pop-culture and putting a twist on it. Today’s society consists of everything being so serious. So we ask, “Why so serious"?

It’s okay to have beliefs, just don’t push them on others. Having a belief system is important because it keeps an individual true to who they are. Our beliefs at Tactical Threadz is, “We’re here to have fun”.  

The Founding Fathers put the freedom of speech as the First Amendment because it was the most important; they put the Right to Bear Arms as the back up in case the First was being threatened. They understood the life has a few basics we need to keep in the forefront of our minds - the ability to express yourself and defend your expression.

Take it easy, wear our T-shirts, and have fun down range!